Who We Are

Blue Hour sounds is an italian Psytrance and Chillout label,
brought to life and cared for by Luca and Jazzmine.
The music Blue Hour Sounds releases is searching for that moment between dark and light, bringing forth a wide variety of musical genres, from fast, night time forest over morning twighlight to more progressive, slower beats and lulling Chillout tunes.
The groove and energy in all is very important and, like a red thread one can find the intention through the whole spectrum of Blue Hour Sounds

Meet the family!


Having started in 1994 as a producer and DJ, Ralph founded the project Rastaliens together with his friend Jay. In 2003 they released the album Xplore The Wild Side on BooM! Records.


Krosis is a DJ and producer born from the vibrant Bristol Psytrance scene, and a background of extreme metal. Blasting a twisted blend of gnarly, yet groovy styles, he is intent on bringing a variety of soundscapes to the scene.


Lo.Renzo is the brainchild of Lorenzo Mantovani born in February of 2014 Already active as guitarist in different bands which range from folk to rock, metal to funky he decided to combine love for psychedelic music with voice of the Sarangi, discovered during a trip in India.


It started with all my dad's Pink Floyd records... I always had an appetite for rare or special tunes, and after digging his collection, I started to dig larger, further, to never stop !


Peyo is a Dj and a production project based in Italy, surfing in the psy scene since the nineties with the Trancemission crew which organizes underground Psytrance parties in north Italy. He is producing his music as an expression of his mood - influenced by his usually twisted performed dj sets and by listening to tons of psychedelic music. His style is solid Psychedelic sound that wraps the Dancefloor with a growing trance path.


I first got into electronic music in the early '90's, attending parties in Italy but it wasn’t until I moved to the UK in 1999 that I discovered the explosive world of psytrance.

Anders Tone

I started to listen to goa trance in the end of the 90's and got totally enchanted by the sound and the whole concept of the psychedelic culture. After some years of visiting parties and buying records the idea[...]


It all started at an early age,... recording tapes for his friends, so they could enjoy his taste and vision of music. In 2000, as a logical result of his passion for electronic music, he learned all about the mysteries of djing, and in 2002, together with a friend, opened the record store "Sonic Implant" (R.I.P.). As time passed by, he got to play his sets at the most requested festivals around, like Fusion Festival, Solstice, Wonderland or VuuV.


Avara is a dj/production project of Aarne Sarvela, based in Helsinki,Finland. His choice of style is atmospheric and deep yet flowing & grooving sound, aiming to take the listener/dancer to a peculiar and pleasant dimension… He has also been organizing parties with various crews for many years in the Helsinki area with the goal of bringing some of the most creative and fresh artists to Helsinki.

Mark Day

Mark discovered psytrance in late 2007 on the infamous London squat party scene. Together with the help of some mind expanding experiences he discovered a whole new relationship with music and began to DJ and produce.

Master Margherita

Master Margherita is an eclectic hyperactive producer, musician and DJ based in Switzerland. Since 1988, he has been very active in the European music scene where his first steps were as a bass player in various Rock'n'Roll bands.


First exposed to the cosmic frequecies of goa trance around '96 and was first initiated into the world of psychedelic trance gatherings at the E.L.F. parties in Amsterdam. After receiving the flame of inspiration, started getting involved with organising parties and playing chillout in '99, in the south of holland.


PINEAL is a project by Nico Canzoniero. He lives and works near Bologna (Italy). He has played guitar since he was 13. In early time his influences were psychedelics and progressive scene of the 70's