I started to listen to goa trance in the end of the 90’s and got totally enchanted by the sound and the whole concept of the psychedelic culture. After some years of visiting parties and buying records the idea of spreading musical visions on my own through the dance floor came to me. I started to DJ in 2003 after my older brother taught me some of his skills. Once I started to DJ I also begun to organize parties in the forests of Sweden and kept trying spreading the music I loved. Since goa trance has always been very near my heart it was natural to begin playing old school after some years of playing modern night time music.

Right now my evolution in music has expanded, after some years of playing goa trance, I have found new influences and inspiration from different forms of modern melodic, rythmic and atmospheric psytrance. Though I have great passion for the new sounds from our divine music artists today, you can always find some influences from the old sound of goa trance in my sets.

For me the art of djing is a oppurtunity to express musical visions, through soundscapes we are creating in oneness, and through the rythms the dancefloor creates in togetherness. I prefer to play longer sets in the morning hours, almost at twilight, to continue the journey with the dancers who are still keeping going after the powerful night time dance. Together with the sun itself we can reach even higher than we ever imagined, together. My goal with my dj-sets is to deliver a journey which express my feelings of music, life, love, travel – inner and outer and together we can explore space and time in endless soundscapes in the powerful rythms of dance..

I play both pumping psytrance and goa for the intergalactic space rollercoaster dancefloor, as well as chill-out and ambient sets for the cosy chill-out times, and since 2011 I’m proud and happy to be a part of the Blue Hour Sounds family.

To find out more about the music that I play, please enjoy my mixtapes..

Keep shining out there fellow earthlings and follow the way of love all the time..