Atati – producer, percussionist and Dj from the western part of Ukraine called Transcarpathia.
Was born in a family of musicians where music was “the main food for soul”…so beside of musical school on piano class he also learned guitar and percussions.
In 1997 started to play keyboards in local rock band. Since 1999 switched into electronical music…and till 2002 worked as resident dj in different clubs.
2002-2006 were years of djing all around the Ukraine and some nearest foreign countries.
Since end of 2006 producing/performing chillout music and playing dj sets in different styles.

Nowadays you can catch three angles of Atati:
1. chillout liveact with keyboards and electronical percussions performance;
2. psy- or other trance dj-set; 3. chillout dj set with special tribal percussion performance;
And all of angles contains the same thing – the harmony! The harmony of sounds, beats, waves of musical styles – whatever.
The energetic music which brings development, not destruction.
All this feeling of harmony starts from the beautiful nature of his native land and continue through your endless visions.