First exposed to the cosmic frequecies of goa trance around ’96 and was first initiated into the world of psychedelic trance gatherings at the E.L.F. parties in Amsterdam.
After receiving the flame of inspiration, started getting involved with organising parties and playing chillout in ’99, in the south of holland.
Later started working together with Shakti Twins, creating gatherings all over holland and slovakia. In 1999 started to build up a project studio with a close friend, under the name of Onacid Soundlabs,
consisting mainly of analog gear, and started the long journey of discovery and exploration into the world of sound creation and frequency manipulation.
Around 2002 moved to Amsterdam and became involved in the scene there, creating chillouts under the name of Dreamworks and playing chillout and occasional morning psytrance sets.
From 2002-2005 worked with most of the amsterdam party organisations of that time and became involved with the squat scene and the underground party scene.
Played chillout in many countries all across europe during this timeIn early spring 2006 was invited to play a morning psychedelic set in lithuania for the first time, fell in love with the country and made a strong connection with the nature and the people. From then on spent a lot of time in lithuania, being a permanent visitor, journeying back and forth mainly from holland.
2006 also saw the birth of the Gaiana project in the form of a collaboration with lithuanian psytrance DJ Gido.
The first studio session took place in a temporary studio in holland, recording the first version of Universe Alive, and the magic was born..2006-2009 saw many sporadic music sessions of Gaiana project, mainly in Kernave, Lithuania. Slowly the sound and the concept behind Gaiana project was taking shape and being formed, crystalizing slowly into the formation of KernaveMoon Studios in early 2009.