This man needs no introduction. He is creating and shaping the sounds of our present for the last 20 years. With his unique, driving sound he mesmerised the biggest dance floors all over the world.
‘Connecting Multiverses’ is his 6th full length album with 9 beautifully arranged tracks
There is a million faceted light in each and everyone of us. A precious Multiverse, shining a different colour through our feelings and actions. We connect through music, it makes us vibrate in the same colour, uniting our lights to create a whole ONE. In these difficult times, let us remember what is important, the simple rules – connection, love, unity – as we are different, but all the same. Dance to connect, with love, in Trance.
This is Blue Hour Sounds 15th CD release. Thanks to everybody that supported us through all this years by buying our music! We believe in the psychedelic movement, in its connectedness to nature and will continue to spread the vibes! Boom!

connecting multiverses

Mastering : EVP@WildMastering UK
Artwork: Jazzmine
Release Date: Feb 2017
Catalogue number: BHSCD015