Here is Dreamstalker with the second part of TRANSFORMA trilogy, released by Blue Hour Sounds. Transforma is a quality unique to human beings and it enables the transition to any state of consciousness, using Psychedelic music as a transformational tool. Transforma is the modern answer to the tradition of ancient tribal music. 

Recorded between summer 2016 and winter 2017 in Himalaya Studio (Crimea), this release is inspired by World Psychedelic Culture, Nature and The Life Flow. Dreamstalker project wants to express gratitude to all the people involved in this creative process, friends, family, fans, music lovers, party crew and many many great artists who were our inspiration. Thanks to beautiful vocalists Sundari Aleph, Lelya Amrita and Kaleria Shu for bringing soulful voice to this music. Thanks to Luca & Jazzmine from Blue Hour Sounds for supporting this form of art as well as Sangoma, Zenon, Merkaba and Altar for releasing Dreamstalker albums!

Transforma II

Mastering : Dreamstalker (Nikita Efimov)
Artwork: Elena Efimova
Graphics: Lev Sutra
Release Date: December 2017
Catalogue number: BHSDIG028