This 4 track EP is a bonus release to our ‘The dark side of Dawn’ V.A. which is released on Sep 21, 2015.

‘Every time we dance through the night, there is that special moment;
That blue, faint light coming up from behind the trees, heralding the new day.
Filled with magic and potential, these moments of transition
can re-energize our minds and souls, revitalizing us for the next chapter of our journey.

Perched on the edge between night and day, birth and decay, death and renewal, is the moment of transformation, a time without beginning or end… the Blue Hour.

Expect serious rolling basslines, deep atmospheres, crunchy leads and dense forest sounds,
with just a hint of color to call out for the coming of day.
We wish you lots of good times with the music, play it loud and under the open sky!’

drums in the deep

Mastering : David Zells
Artwork: Jazzmine
Release Date: September 2015
Catalogue number: BHSDIG016