High up on the mountain top, where we feel like the king of the world… We lift our wings and spirit and with confidence we take the leap of faith.
Colourful birds accompany us while we ride the wind, their feathers glistening in the sun in colours so intense like never seen before. There, the jungle, with it’s creatures, not far away and coming closer.

Strange sounds arise, a cacophony of voices, wind and music. The trees seem alive, humming with joy, indeed it seems as if the whole forest is moving to the same song.
Curious, we get closer, humming with the trees, as if we knew this song forever – Intense for the mind, yummy for the ears … we were so lucky we brought our Monosodium Flootamate !

With great joy we announce the 5th solo album by Flooting Grooves, a traveller in body and mind, who has collected his impressions from all over the world in music, and put it together in an album. A travel book to listen to enjoy.

All tracks Written, Arranged and Produced by Pearce Van Der Merwe at the Starways Studios, South Africa.

Guest musicians :
– Ajja S.F. Leu – Additional Virus Programming on Track 8
– Daniel Symons (aka Dymons) – Djembe on Track 4
– Eulogio ‘Mambi’ Arguelles Puey Percussion on Track 4
– Samantha Houten – Vocals on Track 2 & Track 3, Guitar on Track 3
– Filip Leu – Guitar on Track 2
– Billy ‘Cosmosis’ Hasley- Guitar on Track 4
– Pearce Van Der Merwe – Flutes on all tracks, animalesque atmospheres on Track 2, Guitar on Track 3


Monosodium Flootamate

Mastering : David Zells Lydspesialisten.no
Artwork: Samantha Houten
Graphics: Jazzmine
Release Date: June 2016
Catalogue number: BHSCD014