Oh Lordy! 
With many years of underground party experience, you know that you’re partying with a pro with the legend that is Fordy! From the early days of the pioneering underground parties like Spooky & Pickle through to residencies & appearances at parties & festivals all over the world like Ozora, The Experience, Tribe of Frog, Triplicity, Faeriepirates, Goa Cream, Psymera, Genten Kaiki, Great Happiness, Brainwaves, Fluff Squad, Psychedelic Circle, Secretsoma, Tribal Village, Ban Sabai, The Psychedelic Way, Sundaze, Psypirates, Carry On Regardless, Tribal Sphere, Planet Bob, Shattered Barriers, Freak Bazaar, Astral Circus, Earthcore, Free Bass, Bass Station, System 6, Cohesion, Offworld and Cosmo festivals and so many more.
Mixing since 1994 he’s been causing maximum dancefloor devastation at many of the finest parties all over the world ever since. His sound has an intense, vibrant energy & can best be described as fierce & funky, big & bouncy, hard & heavy, cheeky, twisted, groovy, confident, striding, full power psychedelic trance with plenty of oomph.
He’s made many tracks over the years, including his album “Loony Magnet” & a single on Passion Records in 2002, ‘Mash Up The Town’ (with Riksta) was awarded 4 stars by DJ magazine. He moved onto creating tracks with Fedro as LOS CUSTARDOS (Blue Hour Sounds Records)…ap-spotting
and with Noctem as Confusionism, all of which add a unique sound to his high energy DJ sets. As he says: “Life’s too short for rubbish music!” & he always tries to ensure that his sets are interesting, groovy, fun & above all else, make you want to dance!
Fordy has DJed in Australia, Japan, Goa, Thailand, Switzerland, Hungary, New Zealand, Holland, Italy, Brazil, Fiji, Slovakia and Singapore. His Fluff Squad events have raised money for charity, injected some much-needed fun & colour into the London scene & even made news headlines.
With lots of unreleased, exclusive tracks still to see the light of day, he’s certainly one to watch
Fordy also presents a regular monthly internet radio show on Earthdance Radio