There´s a lonely bottle floating in the deep, blue sea…
Are you a treasure hunter too, dreaming about the big discovery, the secrect message brought to you by the waves of destiny? Open the bottle, but ‘Beware of the fish’!

Blue Hour Sounds presents Ianuaria’s long awaited second album: his personal music evolution. ‘Beware of the fish’ is a mature product, that has a clear intention: guide you deeper and deeper into the sound. It´s a unique crossover between funky and groovy psytrance and a seriously high psychedelic atmosphere; you´ll find yourself in many different places, surrounded by tiny bits of sounds. The use of analog equipment is giving a particular warmth and an incredibile flexibility to his style. Ianuaria’s production is coloured, flavoured, and without any doubt he´s hitting the spot thanks to the unique tricks that he creates, making him one of the freshest and genial psytrance producers in 2011.

Beware of the fish

Mastering : Chromatone
Artwork: Joe
Release Date: Nov 2011
Catalogue number: BHSCD006