Take off your shoes, lay down. Take a breath.
Close your eyes, have a look inside.
Feel your inner vibe, feel the energy.

After his successful first release last year, Lo.Renzo has quickly conquered the hearts of many Chill lovers around the globe. With his unique style and skills in connecting live instruments with electronic music he has created something special. This is his second EP of many more to come. It leads us through inner travel and outer expression. A true must for everybody enjoying a lush ethnic vibe with big base and driving sounds.

Written & Produced by Lorenzo Mantovani

Musicians :
– Lorenzo Mantovani : Sarangi, Fretless and Acoustic Guitar, Banjo and Small Percussion.
– Himali Vyas Naik : Voice on track 1 and 2.
– Gabriele Gubellini aka Organic Shapes : Didjeridoo on track 2.organicshapes.bandcamp.com
– Imran Khan : Sitar on track 4.


More than we can see

Artist: LO.RENZO
Mastering : David Zells Lydspesialisten.no
Artwork: Chiara Mantovani
Graphics: Jazzmine
Release Date: April 2017
Catalogue number: BHSDIG025