Fordy (oh Lordy!) and Fedro (Seti, Pirate Vision, Seeds of Play) a.k.a. Los Custardos present their debut EP on Blue Hour Sounds. This release is made in loving memory of Fedro, friend and partner in crime to Fordy.

Three tracks, explained by their maker:

1. Shark infested Custard: ‘Sounds like an adventure, driving a moon buggy over an alien landscape past craters filled with bubbling psychedelic custard, it throbs and twists and turns, it has a certain air of menace like there is something unknown lurking out there.Mad cows, funky percussion and signals from outer space.’

2. Demolition Man: ‘A Psy Trance tribute to Dr. Fred Dibnah. a dib-ute.All aboard for this cool, psychedelic journey onboard a precision engineered cosmic steam powered rollercoaster through industrial wasteland and through outer space – destination Bolton. Hang on to your flat caps, its going to be a fun ride! ’

3. Tiramisu: ‘Tiramisu is Italian for “lift me up”.So help yourself to a large portion of this delicious dance floor devastating dessert. Sounds like some crazy big industrial machine or giant robots about to go slightly out of control.’


custard surfing & catflap spotting

Mastering : David Zells
Artwork: Geomatrix Design UK
Release Date: April 2016
Catalogue number: BHSDIG020