I got in love with the music since i was able to buy me some of the good old masterpieces from the eighties.
Always had a strong tendency in epic , and atmospheric music, that’s why i also wanted to feed my needs with listening for long to classical music.
Had the luck to live the entire life out from the cities, which helped me a lot in being strongly connected with the nature.
Books have always been part of my life, loving classical, fantasy and literature in general. Soo many to read, soo many to read again and again..
I share life with my wife Jasmin and our daughter Lea; they are the beauty and the key in my path, and we live high in the mountains, in the north-centre of Italy,
where we built the headquarter of the Blue Hour Sounds experience.
Concerning music I like be open to anything interesting.I got in love with the first chillout tunes that came to my ears, because they were feeding really good my needs of thinking and pleasing the inner spirit.
Definitely had some dance experiences that brought me close to the ‘world of ideas’, a place where i’m kind of stuck, and where i feel free to join the tribal needs.
That’s why psytrance is my secret digression.. the wild one!
The white spectral world bridger.