The marginal rules

Darkness in the hall, the curtain opens for a musical show that tells us about a voyage around the world.
Master Margherita continues his work, started with the last album on Peak Records,
”Hippies With Gadgets’, creating evanescent atmospheres that carry us to the depths within.
A neat sound; particularly clean, brilliant and psychedelic, painting the light of the sunrise.
A fluid collaboration with musicians from all over the world created “The Marginal Rules”,
an album that tells us about all the things that are obviously present, but forgotten:
fire, stars, clouds, water, cats, nature and volcanos…
Soul music is the source behind the ingenious mixture of the elements: percussion, guitars, birds, violins and the chords of the bass guitar.
The opening ambient sequence leads to a musical height, the interlude, marked by the percussion in ‘Bugnite’, which opens the door for the electronic funky rock of ‘Tactile’ and the cinematic atmospheres of ‘SpyGame’.Finally we hear ‘Lisbon Dub’, lightly stepping on water, followed by the profound ‘Agung Part II’ : a timeless love story.
The curtain closes. The Marginal Rules.