The wheel of life

Mastering : David Zells
Artwork: Jazzmine
Release Date: December 2016
Catalogue number: BHSDIG023

After his successful debut album, we are happy to have Once Upon a Time back with four new, breathtaking tracks. The name says it all – with OUaT we dive deep into fairytale forests, where the story unfolds itself. Just take the deciding step, let yourself go and come with us – deep down into the rabbit hole! 

The Wheel of Fortune 
As always, the Wheel spun evenly across the frame, attiring countless impatient regards onto itself; expectations were higher than usual. That was the moment when a very small difference in motion force could mean a huge turnover in one’s destiny. 

In another sharp move, the illusionist pulled out the dark violet sheet, revealing void where the little Buddha statue should have been. Instead of applause, he only faced wide open pairs of surprised eyes, somehow still unaware that an illusion was still happening. 

Will for Life 
The Will was that supreme, absolute ancestor of existence, the source of all phenomenons, part of every single one of them, creator and fuel for all of the universe and for all of life – because it was the Will for life.

Alice infected
In terms of entertainment, Alice spent her summers wandering around forest and lake places, amusing herself with the sounds of crickets and frogs. During the long winters, she usually stayed concentrated while dancing to endless rhythmical repetitions, losing herself in the dark venues.

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