Organic Shapes

Hi, i’m Gabriele Gubbelini from Italy and i’m a musician and producer. During my life i discovered music and sound by the amazing voice of the didjeridoo, 14 years ago. And now, after all that years, i’m floating in a special way of sound, mixing the didjeridoo, and the vibrations of many different other acustic instruments (djembe, darabouka, bendir, berimbao, home made percussions, flutes, ecc…) with the effects, deep sounds and colours of the electronic music.
I’m lucky, ’cause during my music-life, i’ve met many different kind of amazing, inspirated and funky artists, that give a continued inspiration to myself…so i see my right way to have a dialogue, at the top, with my music and feelings.
So, i can see this my special world, and i can play it. A world made of blue strange creatures, green voices, orange free feelings and other kind of coloured plants, stones, words, trees, friends, suns and moons, and water…a lot of pure water. This is the amazing land where this new project, Organic Shapes, has his roots.
Organic like every life on the our planet, like the elementary chemical combination between carbon and oxygen, like all the real sound produced by an acoustic instrument.
Shapes like every different kind of nature’s being, like the kind of special links between them, like the structures of the musical compositions, like the link between the chillout and ambinet grooves, the ground, and the harmonics and melodies, the psychedelic lines that cross the ground.

My music takes energy and vitality by the live performances, when i play my didjeridoo, now a slide didjy, and percussions over original electronic compositions.

I use many effects over the sounds of the didjeridoo and the other instruments. One of this is an electronic tampura, a music box that reproduce the sound of the omonimous classic indian instrument.

The live experience is a quiet rythmic and psychedelic chillout session and all the sounds and vibrations grow up with my feelings.

That’s all…and i hope all of you can find your own good inspiration…