This CD is a self release from Organic Shapes, with full support of Blue Hour Sounds

Organic Shapes debut album ‘Quiet Species’. An album where the didjeridoo floats with severals ethno-acoustics instruments, merging with electronic effects, to reproduce a sensation of ‘crossing time’ to perceive the oneness that is on every natural being.
A world made of creatures, green voices, orange feelings; plants, stones, words, trees, friends, suns and moons, and loads of pure water. This is the amazing land where this new project, Organic Shapes, has its roots.
‘Organic’ like every life on the planet, like the elementary chemical combination between carbon and oxygen, and like all the sound produced by acoustics instruments.
‘Shapes’ like every kind of nature’s being,and the links between them, as the music structure, like the ground, and the harmonics.