Pepe's Bodega

Pepe is a master Nahu?lli of the mythical Chihuahueño tribe of the Yucatán peninsula. As an ascended teacher he has the ability to shapeshift, travel through spacetime and possess our mere human bodies and minds. Countless are the stories and legends where such possession have taken place, sometimes for a brief moment; in other cases throughout lifetimes. In the ancient traditions of Mesoamerica this “Great Spirit Touch”, as the indigenous people refer to it, is considered to be a divine blessing, or, as the anthropologists call it; a shamanic awakening. But ever since the Abrahamic abuse of the American continent began, his teachings were prohibited. Less and less witnesses have been reported, although coded fragments can be found throughout modern history.
In the late autumn of 2013 two acquainted young Swedish musicians and seekers received the Touch independently: the younger at a music school in northern Sweden; the older deep into the Peruvian Amazon. Although their social environments tried to simplify their experiences as “delusional psychosis”, they both knew what had happened deep within, and a kinship was born.
Three years of personal preparation was needed before they could join forces in the studio for the first time, and another three years of playful experimentation passed before their chosen medium of electronic sound design was thoroughly aligned with the timeless teachings of Pepe. The Bodega is now open, the initiation is waiting. Are you ready to look through the veil?