Pepe’s Bodega has an entrance door.
It looks like a shop, but it’s not.
It looks like you could enter, but you can’t.
Once you see it, it disappears.
Many different things are sold there, but you can’t buy them.

Pepe’s Bodega isn’t always at the same spot, and it isn’t open for everyone.

You might see that the owner has some resemblance with a funny dog, but he has not.

I once entered, and i immediately felt like time and space were different.
That smell.. memories of a different era, a very precise feeling.
Anxiety and curiosity.
Music was all over the place, coming from every direction.
It was drooping from the rooftop, and rising from beneath.
It was warm, it was majestic, and clear.
Sound design was accurate, hitting the bottom of my heart, giving a feeling of relief.
I let go, and I found the key.
Dance is the shortcut to love.

Love is the shortcut to energy.
And Pepe’s Bodega has the courage to design music through space.
Blue Hour Sounds is alive and kicking
Pepe’s Bodega is the next step.
Love is the answer.

Kojan EP

Mastering : Tim Schuldt
Artwork: Jazzmine
Release Date: August 2020
Catalogue number: BHSDIG034