‘Cauda Pavonis’ is the debut Psy-Chill album from italian musician Pineal. With glitchy rhythms, deep bass lines, inter weaved synthesizers and real played instruments like middle-east string instruments and brasilian guitar, the mixture of sounds invite you to discover an absolutely colourful experience in the world of Alchemy.

‘There is knowledge flowing from ancient times that is still valid and helpful. Admiring the tuneful harmony of geometry, numbers, vibrations, psychedelics, energy, and shaking off religion and ideologies we can realize that each single person’s destiny is linked to mankind as species. Like on a ‘peacock’s tail’, there are many eyes looking at the world. Each one looks in a slightly different direction, although all of them are on the same tail. ‘

Cauda Pavonis

Artist: PINEAL
Mastering : Vincent Viluis @ Ultimae Studio, Lyon
Artwork: Jazzmine
Release Date: December 2012
Catalogue number: BHSCD007