It all started at an early age,… recording tapes for his friends, so they could enjoy his taste and vision of music.
In 2000, as a logical result of his passion for electronic music, he learned all about the mysteries of djing,
and in 2002, together with a friend, opened the record store “Sonic Implant” (R.I.P.).

As time passed by, he got to play his sets at the most requested festivals around,
like Fusion Festival, Solstice, Wonderland or VuuV. Bookings also include appearances
in Mexico, Brasil, Spain, Netherlands, and, of course, Germany.

His style could be best decribed as straight and friendly psychedelic trance
giving you an idea of somehow long forgotten elements of goatrance.

The time between dancefloors and dj-mixers he spends as a multimedia-designer and video-editor.

Besides working as a resident-dj for “Waldfrieden/Germany”
he joined ” Blue Hour Sounds” in 2011, so watch out at dancefloors nearby and enjoy!