Songs of experience – Friendship and (R)Evolution

This collection celebrates the 10th release for Blue Hour Sounds.

Djane Jazzmine dedicated this project to friendship, connection and collaboration,
gathering a select group of innovative producers and connecting them through music.
It is the embodiment of the ideas and concepts the Blue Hour Sounds family was founded on,
representing all the musical elements the label stands for.
Deep grooves, funky basslines, 5th dimensional music, and fresh selections.

Songs of Experience was inspired by the work of William Blake,
the poet, the visionary, the painter..
Each track was born from the meeting of minds, putting the focus on the synergetic magic
that happens when creative souls come together and manifest..
Even the artwork is the result of the collaboration between Jasmin and Iain Dub.

Made with Love, Awareness and Passion..
All together we dream the world and through our creations we are all connected!
Right above my unreal..

songs of experience

Compiled by: Jazzmine
Mastering : Chromatone
Artwork: Jazzmine & Iain Dub
Release Date: May 2014
Catalogue number: BHSCD010