Out there in the open sea we float, we roar and bloat,
about what splendid captains we all are.
Look at my life, how well I thrive!
The center of attention.
Our joys are plastic, our food is, too
we feed our heads with fast info.
And distracted by the big blue screen
we cannot see
our boat is slowly sinking.

To stay afloat
let’s steer that boat
towards a better future.
With honesty and action
it’s simply looking cooler.
Let’s share the love
and live the moment
through living life
not online status.
‘Cause just another like to count
will never still
the hunger that’s inside us.

The year 2019  – Blue Hour Sounds is celebrating its 10th birthday!
And we celebrate with a special collection of 9 new smashing tracks
by some of our usual suspects plus promising new faces.
‘The ship of Fools’ wants to shake it up, be fresh and innovative,
honour deep dance experience and musical travel.
A big thank you to our followers for 10 years of shared emotions and good moments!
We are looking forward to the next years to come!

The Ship of Fools

Compiled by: Luca & Jazzmine
Mastering : Colin Bennun @ Stooodio mastering
Artwork: Jazzmine
Release Date: May 2019
Catalogue number: BHSDIG031