We are happy to share with you our “WHITE” Compilation, the essence of our “Full spectrum EP’s” series. The concept of the “Full spectrum EP’s” lies in the full spectrum of light,each featured EP representing a different mood and color, uniting 7 colors into one bright white light.

This free release features 7 tracks, all of them featured during the 7 releases,4 of them remixed and remastered.

We hope you’ll enjoy!
With much love,

Blue Hour Sounds

01 Atati – Bana Moyi
02 Pineal – Crossing Badlands (RMX)
03 Tantrix – Tan-tricks (Progressive RMX)
04 Gaiana – Lunar Landing (Vortex RMX)
05 Gido – Spring Grooves
06 Peyo – The Cleaner (White Mix)
07 Ianuaria – Knoff Hoff

DOWNLOAD [cc_string#white]