We are proud and happy to present this new EP by Zen Baboon – a fresh journey into chill and electronic music, that will pleasure your ears and liften your spirit.

Agora  was a central place in greek city-states the center of artistic, spiritual and political life. Expression of opinion is a human right, listening and rational confrontation of facts is an art that we should always remember and exercise.

Zen Baboon is Daniel and Henrique from Portugal. Through the last couple of years they have been successfully touring the whole world with their music and gained more and more attention from listeners through a wide variety of genres. ‘Agora’ is witnessing their progress in their own little universe made of sound and synths. Enjoy!


Mastering : David Zells Lydspesialisten.no
Artwork: Jazzmine
Release Date: March 2017
Catalogue number: BHSDIG24