Groovity, the side project of Flooting Grooves, can be described as that uptempo groovy psytrance sound dedicated to bringing back those awesome beats and grooves we love to get down to.
Post-Shamanic Stress Disorder has all the elements that we’ve come to respect of Pearce van der Merwe’s unique sound. Funky, jazzy, eclectic, trippy, intelligent layers of sound interweaved with catchy kick and drums, spaced out rhythmic molecules and thought provoking particles that gets your toe tapping, bum wiggling and inspires non-stop moving to the groove.
The album is a feast for the ears and takes listeners on a psychedelic journey of the mind, body and soul while simultaneously emphasizing the fun and quirky side of life. Groovity proves that he is a force to be reckoned with as he seamlessly transitions from one style to the next. Watch this space ladies and gents, only more good beats to come.
Happy listening!

Post shamanic stress disorder

Mastering : Colin Bennun at Stooodio Mastering
Artwork: Samantha Houten
Graphics: Jazzmine
Release Date: October 2017
Catalogue number: BHSDIG027